The Straw Paper

4 min readOct 5, 2022

United together, from all over the world, collaborated to develop an anime network that was never seen, The Straw Hats Club

About Straw Hats

♦ The Straw Hats is the first series of collections inspired by One Piece.
Straw Hats Club was first thought of back in 2020, the idea was to create a collection of Non Fungible Assets as a symbol to connect One Piece fans in one place hosted on discord, to build a family.

♦ That family of artists, content creators, entrepreneurs, business owners, coders, photographers, web3 degens, from all the fields, and stereotypes, are said to be grouped under the anime shield combined throughout a journey in the web3 space!

The first collection constructed from 5 characters is an access card for multiple utilities in the 2nd collection
The goal behind the first collection is to spread our story and what we are building, the Straw Hats play to earn game

The 2nd collection is focused on the artwork, the art is a work in progress, the focus is to create high end assets that will have utilities in the 3D game alongside our own community-derived token leading to the third collection

The 3D collection is assets found and used in our game, the game is under development, it will take time for sure aside from the main collections, the project will also host a Straw Hats store for collectables, a merch store, an 18+ gallery hosted on the main website, and DAO based group for holders of certain traits to be announced in the future updates of the project’s roadmap

Who Are We, What Are We Doing?

♦ As far as the explanation goes, we are a group of anime lovers, wandering the nft space looking to develop that family to be able to share our plan and vision, and to construct a roadmap that is slightly different than what others are doing

♦ Although it is a game, a play to earn game, but it won’t be the type of game anyone can lay hands on, and not any type of free to play to earn, more on that to be added in the future roadmap

The Straw Hats (genesis)

2222 Straw Hat from 5 unique One Piece inspired characters Digitally Hand-Drawn with a fan art type of drawing texture They serve as an access card to the private DAO, the Original Straws title Minters of this collection will be airdropped from both 2nd and 3rd collections if still holders to that token since mint This collection is located on the “Solana Network”

♦ The Royalty Fees in this collection will be 7.5% hence the mint money allocated will be used to grow the community and the project
The mint will be divided into 2 phases:

Phase 1

721 presale spots minting at 0.5 Solana mint price
This phase will last for 2 hours

Phase 2

Public sale at 1 Solana

Team allocation will be 300 Straw Hats split towards:

50 OG members (airdrop)
100 split among 10 team members(13/member (5 core team) 7/member (5 secondary team))
150 towards giveaways and raffles

The mint distribution will be split towards:

2nd collection artwork creation, development, and roadmap 30%
3rd collection roadmap
35% will be sent back to the community through airdropped merch and cosmetics and the marketing campaign
Team allocation

During this period we aim to collaborate using strategic partnerships with distinguished personalities across many avenues including trusted individuals within the NFT community, celebrities, artists, influencers
and other NFT projects

Building a family that hosts all anime and One Piece fans to be supporting each other as artists, creators, investors, and much more

Airdropping holders physical merch and cosmetics that represent our bond

Growing our social status, showing the world the anime bond and its power

NFT courses for beginners, discord courses for beginners, how to build your discord server, how to grow your discord community server guides and courses

The Straw Hats Club Series 2

5555 Non Fungible Identities Of High End Hand Drawn One Piece inspired artwork from 20 different male and female characters, and over 700 different unique traits

♦ Holders will gain early access to the beta stage of the game months before release, they get the chance to be the beta testers (in-game permanent perks apply as well)

♦ Streetwear collaboration will be launched for our unique community to set us apart. This will include Hoodies, T-shirts, art-collectibles and much more!

♦ Straw Hats + 18 website, anime and discord channels will be a work in progress, launched right after the third mint

♦ The Creation of the $SHC currency for staking
Our native-currency could be used to swap $SHC for other crypto assets

♦ Minting info and details to be announced in the late stages of the first collection’s roadmap

The 3D Straw Hats Collection

All We Can Say Is That, A Game Is Being Built…
Could Use Some 3D Characters… 👀