The Straw Paper

United together, from all over the world, collaborated to develop an anime network that was never seen, The Straw Hats Club

The Straw Hats (genesis)

During this period we aim to collaborate using strategic partnerships with distinguished personalities across many avenues including trusted individuals within the NFT community, celebrities, artists, influencers
and other NFT projects

Building a family that hosts all anime and One Piece fans to be supporting each other as artists, creators, investors, and much more

Airdropping holders physical merch and cosmetics that represent our bond

Growing our social status, showing the world the anime bond and its power

NFT courses for beginners, discord courses for beginners, how to build your discord server, how to grow your discord community server guides and courses

The Straw Hats Club Series 2

The 3D Straw Hats Collection



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